OKM Evening Swim Program

One of our new members at OKM is Kirsten Cappell, and her daughter, Emerson Blackwell, has swum with you.  Kirsten came to OKM expressly because we have an vibrant “Evening Swim” section of our NVSL Team.  Kirsten said a lot of other families at SWB are interested in an evening-only summer league team opportunity, and she mentioned tonight that you might be willing to us spread the word about our program!  I’d be very interested in that.  Here’s some einfo:

5 yrs ago, OKM only had 75 kids, and we were looking to rebuild the team.  When I would recruit new families at the pool to try swim team, so many of them said they couldn’t participate b/c they had 2 working parents, and a 10AM practice for 8-unders was impossible.  I saw a real opportunity to help OKM grow both membership and swim team – especially b/c so few other pools offer this.  OKM is uniquely suited to run Evening Swim b/c we have a 50-meter pool (with a 25-meter cross section used for NVSL).  Because our pool is 2x the size of other NVSL pools, we can take up the entire 6-lane competition space, and there is still plenty of pool space for our members.

We launched the program in 2016 with just 12 swimmers.  We run the program 3 evenings per week from 6:30-7:30PM, which is late enough for working parents to make it pretty easily.  It’s limited to 12-unders, though I’d be open to expanding that if the need arose.  We always swim Sunday/Thurs nights, and either Tues/Wed based on conflicts with dive meets/relay carnivals.  For the first 3 weeks of the season, before school is out, everyoneswims in the evening, so the Evening Swim kids swim with the full team every day for the first 1/3 of the season.  That’s a great way for them to get connected with teammates and the full coaching staff.  We consider the Evening swimmers full members of the team in all ways.  And they are free to come to morning practice any time they might be able to.  (The corollary is also true – kids from the regular morning practice can use evening as a makeup session as long as there’s space)

Last year, in our third year, we had over 30 kids in Evening Swim, including a number of Minis.  Over the last 3 years, a number of Evening families have found a way to transition to the regular morning team once they get hooked on swimming via Evening Swim!  Overall, our team has tripled in size in the last 5 yrs – we now have about 210 kids.  I assume you’ve coached some of them at Makos!  Certainly not all of growth is from Evening Swim, but it has really helped, and has been a very positive thing for us.  The Pool Board is supportive of Evening Swim.  We’ve gotten zero complaints from members about the pool usage.  In fact, many adult swimmers have said it’s great that we leave the lane lines in after practice ends at 7:30PM b/c now they have 6 “lap lanes”!  We are committed to continuing Evening Swim, and I’d love to get the word out to help us grow it further.

Please let me know if there’s an opportunity for us to share more OKM info with your SWB swimmers.  I’d be happy to discuss this further with you.  FYI, here’s the link on our website for Evening Swim: https://okm.swimtopia.com/evening-swim



As we approach the end of Session 3, there are some dates I want you to be aware of. I also have some extra pool time available so please let me know if you are interested in more opportunities.

April 13 - End of session 3 for all Saturday swimmers.

April 21 - End of session for Sunday swimmers.

April 27-May 18 - Summer warm up at 5:30 pm on Saturday. Currently full but may have openings due to second session added.

April 28-May 19 - New addition!!! Summer warm up at 7:30 pm on Sundays. Note one of these days is Mothers Day. I have three lanes and will focus on the 9 and over swimmers who are currently in lane 5 or 6. This will be the same format as above summer warm up. I still have 12 spots available, cost is $100. If you are currently signed up for the Saturday class you may move into the Sunday class.

May 25 - Memorial Day weekend. I have 6 lanes at 530 pm. If you are interested in adding one more day to your schedule cost is $25.

June 2-July 21- Sunday 4-6 pm Three lanes for swimmers wanting to continue stroke improvement and instruction. Cost is $100 for each session. Session 1 runs June 2-June 23 and session 2 is from June 30-July 21 weeks.

Sunday 6-8 pm Video stroke analysis of swimmers strokes. Above the water and below with feedback.            Cost is $50 per swimmer.

I have been offered lanes Saturday mornings in June and July. I realize this conflicts with swim meets. If there is enough interest I will offer swimming at 8:30 am.

Beth Bedell


Updates: Swim Instruction and Video Stroke Analysis

Sunday Morning Video Stroke Analysis at ANCC

Video analysis of swimmers’ strokes. Swimmers will be videoed under water and above. The swimmer will have the opportunity to view the video with Coach Beth and talk about improvements needed in the stroke. The swimmer will then be able to get back in and work on specific drills to improve their stroke. We will work on two strokes per week.

Cost: $50.00 per clinic.

Location: Army Navy Country Club – Fairfax Location. If you are an ANCC member, please provide your Member Number in the Comments Section.

Swim Instruction-Sunday June 3 through Sunday June 24, 630-730pm, or 730-830 pm

Stroke development for eight and under swimmers who can swim 25 meters. This lane of 8 swimmers will focus on developing freestyle with side breathing, backstroke and introduction of breaststroke kick and butterfly. This group is geared for the beginner swimmer.

This is a four week class and cost is $96.00

Location: JCC

Video Stroke Analysis

Video analysis of swimmers strokes. Swimmers will be videoed under water and above. The swimmer will have the opportunity to view the video with Coach Beth and talk about improvements needed in the stroke. The swimmer will then be able to get back in and work on specific drills to improve their stroke. We will work on two strokes per week.

Cost: $50.00 per week.

JCC Updates


Dear Friends,

We are excited that the construction phase of our new front entrance canopy is underway. While we continue to make adjustments to our operating procedures to minimize inconvenience, we sincerely appreciate everyone’s flexibility and cooperation, as well as constructive feedback during the Capital Projects in the queue. With that in mind, we are now ready to formally announce that the much anticipated locker room renovation will begin on or about Monday, March 12!

Phase I: Closure of the current men’s locker room

The new temporary showers have been completed and are ready for use when the men’s locker room closes for this phase of the renovation. Please note that the new temporary shower space will have a capacity for 3 showering and changing. Temporary lockers have been added to the vestibule between the pool and locker room areas for storage during this time. Anyone who currently has personal items stored in a rental locker in the men’s locker room should make plans to remove them no later than Friday, March 9. There will be temporary portable toilet facilities available for use by men during this construction phase, as well as the option of using the family changing room located on the pool deck, offering ADA compliant shower and toilet facilities. The women’s locker room will remain open and usable during this phase; please be aware that there will be noise associated with the demolition phase of this project.

Phase II: Renovation of the new women’s locker room

Once the renovation of the current men’s locker room is completed, it will become the new women’s locker room and Phase II will begin. The women will transition from their current locker room to this new and beautifully renovated space and then, the former women’s locker room will close for its own renovation. The men will continue to use the temporary shower room and facilities during this time. This entire undertaking, including installation of the saunas, will take the better part of the next few months. We are certain that the final results will be well worth the wait and inconveniences along the way.

Minimizing Disruption

We want to assure you that we are working hard, behind the scenes, to create contingency plans for operational challenges during construction. Our goal is to provide ample communication to prepare our members and guests for what to expect.

The contractors who are working on this project will be using the hallway outside the fitness room to access the locker rooms. The access route for construction personnel and materials will lead from the construction area on the west side of the building, entering the emergency stairway leading to the lower level, and using the fitness hallway to access the locker room areas. A portion of the linear training area- the area furthest from the elevator – will be sectioned off for this purpose. There will be signage to indicate areas that are off limits to members during construction.

Members will be able to access the fitness center as usual and adjustments to personal training will be made to accommodate the loss of a portion of the mirrored hallway. There may be times when large or heavy materials may need to be brought down using the elevator nearest to the pool. When possible, these deliveries will be coordinated and timed to minimize member interaction. Although there will be times when members and construction crew will share the hallway, the bulk of the work will be contained within the walls of each locker room during Phases I and II.

We recognize the need for adaptability that is required during any construction undertaking and thank you for partnering with us in patience during this “Pardon Our Dust” renovation period. Please feel free to provide feedback and/or suggestions along the way about ways in which we might serve you better.

The front entrance canopy and the locker room renovation are just the first two Capital Projects in the queue for 2018. There is much ahead to look forward to with the new Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center and Fitness Center addition. As stated in the beginning, this is certainly an exciting time for the J and for the community as we grow our footprint both inside and outside the building!

Shabbat shalom,

Jeff Dannick
JCCNV Executive Director

Interested in learning more about the Capital Campaign?

Get in touch! We’d welcome the opportunity to share the J’s exciting plans.

703.537.3033 or email Michelle.Pearlstein@jccnv.or