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Dear Friends,

We are excited that the construction phase of our new front entrance canopy is underway. While we continue to make adjustments to our operating procedures to minimize inconvenience, we sincerely appreciate everyone’s flexibility and cooperation, as well as constructive feedback during the Capital Projects in the queue. With that in mind, we are now ready to formally announce that the much anticipated locker room renovation will begin on or about Monday, March 12!

Phase I: Closure of the current men’s locker room

The new temporary showers have been completed and are ready for use when the men’s locker room closes for this phase of the renovation. Please note that the new temporary shower space will have a capacity for 3 showering and changing. Temporary lockers have been added to the vestibule between the pool and locker room areas for storage during this time. Anyone who currently has personal items stored in a rental locker in the men’s locker room should make plans to remove them no later than Friday, March 9. There will be temporary portable toilet facilities available for use by men during this construction phase, as well as the option of using the family changing room located on the pool deck, offering ADA compliant shower and toilet facilities. The women’s locker room will remain open and usable during this phase; please be aware that there will be noise associated with the demolition phase of this project.

Phase II: Renovation of the new women’s locker room

Once the renovation of the current men’s locker room is completed, it will become the new women’s locker room and Phase II will begin. The women will transition from their current locker room to this new and beautifully renovated space and then, the former women’s locker room will close for its own renovation. The men will continue to use the temporary shower room and facilities during this time. This entire undertaking, including installation of the saunas, will take the better part of the next few months. We are certain that the final results will be well worth the wait and inconveniences along the way.

Minimizing Disruption

We want to assure you that we are working hard, behind the scenes, to create contingency plans for operational challenges during construction. Our goal is to provide ample communication to prepare our members and guests for what to expect.

The contractors who are working on this project will be using the hallway outside the fitness room to access the locker rooms. The access route for construction personnel and materials will lead from the construction area on the west side of the building, entering the emergency stairway leading to the lower level, and using the fitness hallway to access the locker room areas. A portion of the linear training area- the area furthest from the elevator – will be sectioned off for this purpose. There will be signage to indicate areas that are off limits to members during construction.

Members will be able to access the fitness center as usual and adjustments to personal training will be made to accommodate the loss of a portion of the mirrored hallway. There may be times when large or heavy materials may need to be brought down using the elevator nearest to the pool. When possible, these deliveries will be coordinated and timed to minimize member interaction. Although there will be times when members and construction crew will share the hallway, the bulk of the work will be contained within the walls of each locker room during Phases I and II.

We recognize the need for adaptability that is required during any construction undertaking and thank you for partnering with us in patience during this “Pardon Our Dust” renovation period. Please feel free to provide feedback and/or suggestions along the way about ways in which we might serve you better.

The front entrance canopy and the locker room renovation are just the first two Capital Projects in the queue for 2018. There is much ahead to look forward to with the new Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center and Fitness Center addition. As stated in the beginning, this is certainly an exciting time for the J and for the community as we grow our footprint both inside and outside the building!

Shabbat shalom,

Jeff Dannick
JCCNV Executive Director

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